what is the role of windows server engineer?

A Windows Server Engineer is an IT professional who bears the tasks to maintain, establish, and troubleshoot the server issues. Windows servers are one of the most used servers across the organization for their IT support. They help to monitor, test and resolve server related queries to their client or company.

Their role is vital to every organization as its one of the critical position. At times it can be catastrophic if the windows server doesn’t respond on peak time.
They provide end-to-end solutions to the stakeholders with the best productivity keeping in mind the IT security policy. Windows Server Engineers must possess a broad understanding of hardware and software technology and its application in the business environment including datacenter establishment.

The Engineers suggest approvals about hardware and computer software development and its cost. Engineers retain the production change control plan and contribute to change control.Their main job profile involves designing and implementing computer systems, both software and network. Server professional ensures that the computer system responds efficiently to support the requirements of an organization.

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