As they talked and exclaimed, Aunt Sally served one 악녀알바 delicious course after another, and the happy, healthy girls enjoyed it all.

As they left the dining room and strolled out on to the wide veranda, resting in the wide and roomy swing or in the lounging cretonne chairs, Josie said, with regret in her voice: “Girls, I’m sorry, but I’ve got to go back to Washington on the next train.”

“Oh, Josie,” wailed Mary Louise; “must you really leave on my beautiful birthday?” But realizing it was useless to try to dissuade her, she added: “Well, anyway, we’ll all pile into the car and take you to the station.”

“Yes, luckily we’ve got the car to pile into,” echoed Josie.

So with a great deal of laughter and much chatter the Liberty Girls adjourned to the garage.

After Mary Louise had safely deposited Josie on the train for Washington and her friends at their houses, she turned the car slowly toward her own home. Somehow she did not want to return just yet. Of a sudden her heart was strangely heavy.

She had had a perfect birthday, she told herself, so what more could she possibly want?133 That she did want something more, however, was quite obvious, or why should two fat tears start from her eyes and go bouncing down the smoothness of her cheeks.

Mary Louise was not surprised to find that she was crying. It would never do for Grandpa Jim to think her unhappy when he had been so dear to-day, so she turned the corner and started quickly for a country road.

Anywhere, just any place where she could be alone and think.

“Grandpa Jim never, never has forgotten my birthday,” thought Mary Louise, as her car spun along the macadam. “Oh, why couldn’t Danny have remembered just this once,” and two more tears were added to the collection.

This fact rather startled Mary Louise. Could that be the reason she was crying? Because Danny had forgotten her? In her amazement Mary Louise slowly stopped the car at the entrance to a grassy lane.

Instantly she realized it was the very lane where Danny had come to her the night before and where she had been so glad to see him. Rather dazedly she climbed out of the auto and wandered slowly down the lane. Just to reach134 the spot where she and Danny had been together, and just to be alone and think—that was what she wanted.

Her bright pink gingham was as fresh and sweet as the wild roses it brushed in passing, and her cheeks were flushed a rose hue too. The flower-wreathed Leghorn hat she wore made deeper shadows in her eyes. But Mary Louise knew nothing of all that.

To the lad who ten minutes before had flung himself upon the ground, her slow approach down the lane was like the coming of an angel.

He jumped up quickly and went to her. Mary Louise was startled by the unexpected movement and as she glanced up quickly she saw Danny approaching.

“Mary Louise,” said Danny simply, “I’m glad you came here before the day was over. Yes,” he explained, as Mary Louise’s eyes questioned him, “I haven’t forgotten it’s your birthday, and I want to wish you all the happiness in the world; you deserve every bit of joy there is.”