The April number of the “Hawkeye Ornithologist 마사지구인구직 and Oologist” reached us just before going to press. We are sorry to see that the editors as well as Mr. Oliver Davie are laboring under a wrong impression. In the February issue when we published that notice regarding “Davies’ Key,” we meant exactly what we said, as Mr. Davie, in a letter dated Jan. 26, ’88, said: “I can furnish you copies of my Key in quantities at —— per copy.” This notice was inserted simply to allay a wrong impression, which would likely arise after reading the notice in the Jan “H. O. & O.,” and not as a “hit.” As regards not having purchased any copies of Mr. Davie, we would say we had a number of copies on hand we wished to dispose of, and we were greatly surprised to see Mr. Davies’ letter, after having written him explaining the reasons of our not ordering copies from him.