Adavi Kachina Vennela is technically a fairly good movie. Working some sort of camera number one. The way the implementation together with rural atmosphere town is provided is great needed. On manufacturing values are extremely advantageous to this film.The art way is also an important asset. On bucolic town see, and form of some sort of characters is also well done. Film Dialogues require a unique point out. These were created so and well suited nativity.The assembly is o.k., but could have completed with a couple scenes. movie set of scripts is somewhat slow, plus some scenes and one song in the 1st half could have been gotten rid of entirely.Director Vishwanada Reddy, has chosen an extremely interesting matter to their very first movie. Even Though It is guaranteeing to their very first movie, their performance would not establish some sort of characters.

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This film try the best Mohan Babu Masterclass in lots of ways. At deadly venom in their sound and serious expression, Mohan Babu steals on show together with enormous display position. Your duty try the best cakewalk to him.Vishnu is excellent within the duty to Krishna. Macho He looks into on action sequences in which he maintains backed Mohan Babu. Jayasudha try the best class player and it is quite persuading whilst the loving mother.Tanikella Bharani maintains a fascinating personality Vedantham Murthy. Associated Mohan Babu when Gaja are showcases well within the film.Shanvi try ok whilst the enjoy interest to Vishnu. The film High-voltage and short length of action scenes keep those activities. Interval block is excellent and it is a treat to view Mohan Babu and Vishnu together in identical bout of action.Rowdy Telugu Movie Review and Rating.

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Overall, Adavi Kachina Vennela try per brave attempt as part of program plus retail cinema format today. Good camerawork plus significant dialogues are some more basic, however the lack of grip within the script makes this film shows simply ok. People as part of zany thrillers will give this film a shot. Story -.

major positive point of the film was its lead stars. Senior stars such as Kota, Nasser Chalapathi Rao plus Naga Babu did extremely well in the film.Ajmal fits his character very well, and director put his physiche plus body language exactly within film. Arushi impresses in the function to hero friend.supporting character such as Chandu plus Panchi Bora did his or her role. Repelis tale line of the film is quite good.

camera efforts requirements a particular mention while the film was offered at a completely normal strategy. Modifying was cute good therefore is the sounds as well as back ground score of the film. Coming to that the manager Narasimha Nandi, he ought to be credited towards coming up with a hard-hitting story that way. Although he begins work nicely, it totally follows the film negative when a spot as well as is sensible of the film.

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telugu movies information, telugu film information launch date April eighteen, 2014AuthorRating 5/5Director Bhaskarrao  VedrathiProducer Bhaskarrao  VedrathiMusic Director RP  PatnaikStarring Ajmal, Panchi Bora.
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