Wireless Outdoor Survey

With this service, we will carry out a comprehensive survey of the entire exterior area of your site – up to 100,000 sq.ft. The sole purpose of this survey is to assess the wireless capabilities of your site. To do this, we send out certified engineers that use updated technology to help identify all available access points, pinpoint the best locations for your access points, and determine the potential performance of a wireless network.

This is all done to help you plan and map out your new network. Without an outdoor wireless site survey, you won’t be able to construct a network that functions as effectively as possible. We use the wireless site survey best practices to ensure you get accurate results and can plan from there.

Advantages of Wireless Site Survey by Professionals

Why should you get this service done by professionals? At ExterNetworks?, we believe there are some significant benefits that come as a result of our service. These include the following:

Accurate results driven by the best wireless survey tools and technology
You receive detailed information in convenient reports that are very easy to read
It only takes one visit to complete all tasks, saving you time and money
We help identify the best locations to place wireless access points and get the best coverage possible
Your WiFi? site survey will be done by an experienced engineer with loads of knowledge in this industry
Think of this as an investment in your wireless network. By spending money on a professional site survey, you’ll receive more accurate results and can plan things based on facts instead of guesswork.

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