Glingleglingleglingle... 밤알바And someone landed abruptly in a snowdrift and said, 'Bugger!', which is a terrible thing to say as your first word ever. Overhead, heedless of the new and somewhat angry life that was even now dusting itself off, the sledge soared onwards through time and space. I'M FINDING THE BEARD A BIT OF A TRIAL, said Death. 'Why've you got to have the beard?' said the voice from among the sacks. 'I thought you said people see what they expect to see.' CHILDREN DON'T. TOO OFTEN THEY SEE WHAT'S THERE. 'Well, at least it's keeping you in the right frame of mind, master. In character, sort of thing.' BUT GOING DOWN THE CHIMNEY? WHERE'S THE SENSE IN THAT? I CAN JUST WALK THROUGH THE WALLS. 'Walking through the walls is not right, neither,' said the voice from the sacks. IT WORKS FOR ME. 'It's got to be chimneys. Same as the beard, really.' A head thrust itself out from the pile. It appeared to belong to the oldest, most unpleasant pixie in the universe. The fact that it was underneath a jolly little green hat with a bell on it did not do anything to improve matters. It waved a crabbed hand containing a thick wad of letters, many of them on pastel-coloured paper, often with bunnies and teddy bears on them, and written mostly in crayon. 'You reckon these little buggers'd be writing to someone who walked through walls?' it said. 'And the “Ho, ho, ho” could use some more work, if you don't mind my saying so.' HO. HO. HO. 'No, no, no!' said Albert. 'You got to put a bit of life in it, sir, no offence intended. It's got to be a big fat laugh. You got to ... you got to sound like you're pissing brandy and crapping plum pudding, sir, excuse my Klatchian.' REALLY? HOW DO YOU KNOW ALL THIS?