robe de mariée pas cherJames Arya and/or Regina Nayanthara are hitched together to generally meet his or her moms and dads' wants. They do not just like both and/or battle more than minimal options frequently. James presents one alcohol issue and he comes back home as soon as midnight everytime. Consequently, there is no discussion involving the couple plus they usually do not even know the variety of both's mobile.such a situation, Regina undergoes a single strike and it is admitted towards the hospital. When the medical practitioner asks James in regards to the health background out of Regina and/or personal statistics, he understands he knows absolutely nothing regarding their wife.that he experimented with begin the conversation alongside Regina and/or discovers she has the tragic enjoy story. Their appreciate and/or enjoy towards Regina grows. In comparable time period, Regina is known in regards to the failed romance out of James, and it grows way too much appreciate on her husband.About this time, Regina receives one offer to exert effort in Australia for a time. Will it go and then leave behind James? This kinds the story with this movie.Adavi Kachina Vennela is actually theoretically a pretty good film. Performing ones digital camera top. The way the implementation therefore the rural environment town is displayed is great enough. Will manufacture values are advantageous to it film.The art direction normally an important resource. Will rustic town search, plus style of ones figures normally congratulations. Movie Dialogues need a particular point out. These people were authored well plus well suited nativity.The installation is actually okay, nevertheless might have completed with most scenes. film script is actually some slowly, and some scenes plus one song in the first 1 / 2 has been extracted completely.Director Vishwanada Reddy, has preferred a tremendously interesting topic for his very first film. Though It is actually promising for his very first film, his efficiency did not establish ones figures.Raghuram Ravi Babu are a popular manager who's preparation one movie with all the current newcomers. In the act, this person falls upon Sitara Ravaneeth Kour then thinks it would be best then selects.During shooting, Raghuram falls of Sitara however his misfortune, Sitara falls deeply in love with your hero Ashwin. Once you know this, one jealous Raghuram begins behaving horribly among her.Twist inside tale arises after Sitara are killed regarding the pair of debateable way. Did she enjoy killed otherwise committed suicide? Raghuram are involved in this? That types the rest of the tale.Concept regarding the film is very distinctive plus the form it is offered during the course of startup is also impressive. What sort of character looks authored additionally done Sanjeev ought a special mention. Also, the way your hero provides revenge on wicked is offered well.The dialogues, debates additionally instances showcasing this idea in the 1st ten full minutes gripping seems. Your biochemistry involving the lead pair additionally whatever confrontation scenes created consumers seem unique.Arya has done a great job inside movie. Jai is good quite naive plus innocent executive Surya contact focus. Nayanathara see awesome saris plus gave outstanding show inside movie. His scenes tend to be funny plus endearing Jai.Nazriya has recently a crucial role into the last half also it manufactured an excellent feeling. Telugu movie directors plus movie manufacturers must certanly be cautious about your talented actress. Santhanam into the movie entertains and funny lines marks. Sathyaraj is good your father to Nayantara.The movie has recently many awesome moments to feeling once the scene wherein Arya demand Nayantara telephone number plus different instance wherein they know his or her prefer for every single any other into the orgasm. Both prefer stories into the flashback have actually an extremely fresh experience plus teenagers does determine with the story.Raja Rani Telugu Movie Compare plus Score.

Movie Review reviews,telugu movies information launch date Aug 01, 2014AuthorRating 75/5Director Akki VishwanathreddyProducer? Akki VishwanathreddyMusic? Director Joshya BatlaStarring? Arvind Krishna, Meenakshi Deekshit, Rishi, Pooja Ramkrishan.

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