The National Rail Network Basic Plan부천키스방

If you are Korean, you are the difference between
It is located in the garden where my family has been living in the area.
How long will it be in a good extension plan? It is too A route to be announced of the house of the third place in the Hill State 3 and the house elected.

There is a straight line in Seoul.

The North Korean thing
Is there a lot of my house that I have too much?
North Korea, which also has landscaping facilities, is one of the best mountains in North Korea.

It is located at the station
Do you have an area station?
It is the apartment of the Eunpyeongmadang transportation by the terrible deserted station and the landscape.
I was in favor of an artificial living place and a favor.

Many of the 6th line of Bukhan Mountain are considered convenient facilities for air and convenience.

Gwanghwamun, Jongno and Euljiro are streets in the streets of the People's Hill State 3-speed express railway).
Look at the future value of this.
In various North Korean mountains
It is limited to walking facilities GTX (metropolitan area wide nature environment ^ ^)
It's really the best of apartments ...

It is an apartment in Seoul.

Moreover, how much.

North mountain apartment.
It is a good distance ~ 50 meters from 20mins to 30mins when you arrive from Bukhan.
The view of the apartment has a natural environment.
In addition, it is planned and it is good for 1 or 2 minutes,
Convenient traffic and apartment
Please take a chance ~