The sun had set and the brilliant gold and rose of a marvelous desert evening was flooding the sky. Against this flame of color appeared the outlines of a shack or bungalow surrounded by the few outlying buildings. As the automobile rapidly drew nearer, the door was flung back and a woman stepped out to meet them.

Even in the quick glance that he had of her before the 강남오피 automobile stopped, O’Hara realized she was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. Very tall and superbly formed, she carried herself with a hauteur and coldness that instinctively reminded him of the man in the car. Her hair was of a Saxon fairness, and waved back from her forehead in exquisite undulations. As she spoke, her accent too, was more perfect than O’Hara often heard, and her tone was crisp and impatient.

“I thought you would never arrive.” She addressed herself entirely to the driver of the car151 and showed absolutely no curiosity in, or even consciousness of the passenger in the tonneau. “Is there any mail or news whatever, Henry?” The man 광명오피 whom she called Henry handed her a large package of mail. Much of it, O’Hara noticed, bore a foreign postmark. The woman took it without a word and turned languidly into the shack.

O’Hara’s employer stepped out of the car, and motioned him to do likewise. Instantly from the side door of the house a small Japanese slipped quietly out and, entering the car, drove off to a shanty evidently used as a garage.

“Follow Jo and he will direct you to your quarters,” the stranger said, motioning 동탄오피 toward the softly disappearing Japanese. “My name is Brown and I shall not need you further this evening.”

He entered the house and in the lighted interior he could be seen bending over the beautiful woman as she sat absorbed with her mail.

O’Hara followed Jo into a large roomy kitchen which composed the entire space of one of the outbuildings. A huge Mexican woman was just taking up the dinner and she gave a low grunt as they entered. Jo motioned to a white enamel152 table set for two, which was placed in a corner underneath a window. O’Hara made mental note that this Brown was evidently expected to bring someone back with him.