“You perceive?” he said, “that is the weak point with women— 마사지알바 not but what I have the highest respect for your judgment, both of you. You are delightfully rapid in your conclusions,” added Mr. Hunstanton, with naïve originality, “and jump at a truth which we might not reach for weeks with the aid of pure reason: but the practical argument has little favour with you. When I ask you, What other lady was there? What other could I have been sent to? neither the one nor the other of you can find a word to say.”

“No,” said Diana; her voice sounded flat and trembled a little. “No,” she said, “I think—you must have done what was best.”

Mrs. Hunstanton gave her an indignant glance: but what could they say? It was not possible to utter any{292} name, or give any indication between them. They were even a little overawed by the determined simplicity of the appeal.

“I thought you would own it,” he said, delighted with his victory. “No, no, I made no mistake. I am not in the habit of making mistakes. They were not like each other on the surface, but I have always heard that harmony in diversity is the great secret of happiness. It was silly of him, though, to give in about the title. What does it signify to call yourself Count? Among English people it is more a drawback than anything else, when there is neither money to keep it up, nor any particular distinction. But I suppose Sophy liked it.”

“Yes—Sophy liked it very much indeed.”

“I should think Sophy would like it!” cried Mrs. Hunstanton, “and her aunt. A title of any kind delights a silly woman. And to think of that foolish little pair, one on either side of poor Pandolfini! Yes, Diana, I know you have said that you agree with Tom. He will quote you now, whenever they are mentioned. He will say you are entirely of his opinion.”

“I will say—as I have always said—that Diana is the most sensible woman I know,” said Mr. Hunstanton, “the most reasonable to see the force of an argu{293}ment: and the most candid—even when she is convinced against her will.”