Cheil Construction (Cheil Industries - 1022 generation) Dongyang Construction (Godeok Paragon - 752 generation) Shinhan Construction (Shinhan Insville - 613 generation).고액알바

KTX originally aimed at a large number of transportation networks in Seojung-ri area, administrative town, and international exchange complex. In the first half of the year, demand for new towns in Godeok International New City was delayed due to semiconductor production and operation. SRT companies are sufficient for high-tech industrial complexes. The reason for this is that if Samsung SDI starts, it will be possible to start full-scale as well as SRT.
It was planned to move in December 2006, but it is expected to be the world's largest center in the second half of this year.
Godeok International Shinhan Construction will be developed in a newly sold apartment because the new city is divided into Pyeongtaek and the highway.
It is a high-tech international.
GS E & C (Nature & Zai-755 Generation) Dong Yang Paragon, which opened its interest to Gangnam (Suseo) in traffic, is in the 20th zone.
Godeok New City City